Check your password indirectly

For more advanced users.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of submitting your password directly, you can still check if your password has been hacked using only its fingerprint (hash). Even if someone has obtained a fingerprint / hash of your password, it is difficult and complicated to recreate the password from it.

In this web-page you can submit a (SHA1) hash of your password to perform a hack-check. You can even use the "password" field to generate hash locally and your password will not leave the browser. Only the hash is submitted.

Submit hash or generate it locally from password - password will self-delete by itself before the form is submitted to the IST and will not leave your browser.

On unix based systems, you can easily generate SHA1 hash using following command in your shell:
echo -n "yourSecretPassword" | openssl dgst -sha1
or, alternatively
read -sp "Enter password:"; echo -n "$REPLY" | openssl dgst -sha1