Has my password been hacked?

Many Internet and on-line services and websites - such as email accounts, linkedin accounts, dating website accounts, etc. - have been hacked in the past and user databases of those services were published. This also includes more than 600 millions unique user passwords, that can now be easily found.

In this ISTA website, you can safely check whether your password has appeared in connection with those known data breaches:

If you don't want to submit your password even to the ISTA security service, click here to check your password using a different approach.

Which websites and services have been hacked? See the list of known data breaches. Click here for more information about the collection of the hacked passwords.

Important question! The password is a secret and you should not share it with anyone and submit it only to the service (website), where it belongs. Keeping your passwords secret is a good practice and this website should be suspicious to you! A phishing attack might look like this website. If you trust the ISTA services, here is how you can verify, if this website has a genuine ISTA origin:

  1. you know about this website from an official ISTA source

    You got into this page via link in the Intranet portal, ISTA wiki, Campus update or any other official ISTA source (but not solely via an email).

  2. address is ista

    The address of this website ends with .ista.ac.at or .ist.ac.at

  3. connection is secure

    There is a green lock symbol next to the address bar in your browser (https://) indicating that ISTA is the authentic publisher of the website and that the connection is encrypted (confidential).